The expected morning came, Chats was long and calls endless, Countless times he said *_”I love you”_*, My heart was elated, soul gladdened. Afternoon, I woke up to messages, A knock at the door with gifts and goodies, With care, smiles and kisses, Inscriptions that made my heart flutter, And my head scatter. Evening and […]

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They were not angels

Most people give their challenges as an excuse for their failure, the mind is a place where you succeed or fail, the quality of your lives cannot be better than the quality of your imagination, cos its only in your imagination that you are not limited by time and space, it’s where you really exercise […]

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Guardian vulture

  _I used all i got to the last pinch._ _As life ebbed out of me,_ _I hoped to be victorious,_ _Looking up the sky I saw the guidian_ _But as water went down the drain,_ _So was all my strength._ _With curiosity i waited,_ _With no help forth coming,_ _Like a tamed dog, my […]

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